Guideline: Location systems for people with dementia

If you are considering buying a location system, it is a good idea to start by taking a good look at the routines you have in your daily life and examining your attitudes towards tracking, privacy and security.

Your attitudes, lifestyle and the dementia disorder itself are all very important factors for what the location system should be able to do to live up to your wishes and needs.

In this article, you will find advice on what to consider when choosing the right location system, and what the law says.

What should you consider?

All families and people with dementia have different needs and wishes for security and privacy.
There is no one-size-fits-all solution. It is therefore worth considering what is important in your daily life and what wishes and needs you have for reassurance and privacy – both as a person with dementia and as a relative.

When searching for the right location system, you can use the questions below as a starting point. They can help you find out what is important to you and what is not.

No doubt there are even more things that are important in your daily life. Choose the location system that is the best match for your needs and gives you the flexibility you want.

Read about the location system which looks after your privacy, has enough power for one month, and can withstand being washed in a washing machine.

Purchasing a location device

Buy your location system from a trusted company. Use the internet to find information about the different types or ask around among your acquaintances.

Once you have decided what kind of location system you want, the easiest thing is to shop  online. The location system is delivered directly to your doorstep, and you have the right to change your mind about the purchase. You are not necessarily entitled to a refund if you purchase your device in an ordinary store. Make sure to ask about the store’s rules for returns, replacements and repairs. You can usually find information on the online store’s website.

All location systems sold in Denmark must meet all the requirements of Danish consumer legislation, for example warranty rules if the system does not work.

If you choose a location system developed and produced in Denmark, you can be certain that the location system is designed to meet the needs and wishes of people with dementia and their relatives in Denmark. Another advantage of buying Danish is that the location device does not need to be sent abroad for repairs if something happens to it. You therefore get the location system back again quicker.