Because nobody should fear getting lost

Focus on dementia

Choose the right location system

Location systems for people with dementia utilise different technologies and work in different ways. Here you can see a summary.

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How do you discover dementia?

Early signs of Alzheimer’s and other dementia disorders most often show up as changes in behaviour, despite many people believing that the memory is affected first.

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Aids for people with dementia

The right aids may help memory or provide reassurance for people with dementia and their relatives – for example location systems and electronic calendars.

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What is dementia?

Dementia is an umbrella term for diseases that give dementia symptoms. Read about the various diseases, prevention and other complications.

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Location device


Nobody should fear getting lost

According to the Danish Dementia Research Centre, half of all people with dementia wander and become lost during their illness.

We should not accept this.

Otiom is a revolutionary location system developed in Denmark which prevents people with dementia from wandering. The solution has been developed together with relatives, care assistants and people with dementia – so it takes all aspects into account.

Otiom is both developed and made in Denmark.

The Otiom Story

The Otiom location system

At Otiom, our focal point is “freedom”. Both for people with dementia and their relatives. Freedom to do what they want.

With Otiom, you can create so-called safety zones where the person with dementia can safely stay. If that person leaves the chosen zone, their relatives receive a text message alert and the Otiom app shows them the person’s location, so they can help immediately.

Otiom is not a surveillance device and only localises when the safety zone is exceeded.

Otiom has enough power for a whole month, will withstand machine washing and is completely free of cables and confusing buttons.

*Patent Pending.

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