Setup instructions – 3 steps

This page will help you prepare your Otiom starting package, so it is ready for use.

Before your begin setting up your Otiom, we recommend that you check out our video instructions here on the page. If you review all three steps indicated here, you will make sure that your Otiom runs optimally.

1. Before you start

  1. Have your Otiom login to the app ready. Your login information was sent to the email you used when you bought Otiom.
  2. Check that you turned on the Bluetooth connection and have internet access on your smartphone or tablet.
  3. Download and install Google Maps to your smartphone or tablet if it is not already installed. You will find the application either at the App Store or Google Play.

2. Open the setup instructions

It is important that you complete all the steps in the instructions to make sure that your Otiom runs properly. Follow the instructions, even if you are used to installing technical products.

Otiom will only be ready for use once you have received a text message telling you that it has been activated and is 100% ready!

Click here to see the setup instructions.

3. Personal settings

This guide will help you customise your Otiom. If you do not configure the different settings, the tag might not function optimally. Therefore, it is important that you customise the settings to your daily needs.

Click here to see the instructions with information on the personal settings of the Otiom app.

Instructional videos

Benefits for Private Homes

This film explains how Otiom provides safety for people with dementia and their relatives in private homes.

The 6 safety levels

In this video, we will explain the difference between Otiom’s 6 safety levels and illustrate how Otiom triggers an alarm.

By choosing the safety level that matches your daily needs, you will find that Otiom will run significantly longer on a single charge.