Our Manifesto

It is estimated that half of all people suffering from dementia wander and get lost due to their condition.

No one should have to live with that.

When someone we love begins showing signs of dementia, friends and relatives are often unsure of what to do. The thought of them wandering and not being found on time is terrible. However, we have natural reservations about monitoring and tracking people who haven’t asked for it. This has been the dilemma until now.

At Otiom, our focus is on ‘freedom’. Both for people with dementia and their relatives. Freedom to do as they please, and freedom from worry for caregivers. With Otiom, we have created a solution that does not disrupt daily routines. Relatives or caregivers no longer have to worry about charging a product, logging onto an app, or constantly checking a screen. And someone with dementia does not have to wear a new watch or be confided indoors.

We have developed Otiom based on the advice of caregivers and families and on the analysis of the needs of people with dementia, their relatives and caregivers. The extensive and varied input has been extremely important to us. After all, people should not wander, and if they do, they must be found – quickly and safely! For this reason, Otiom is designed to work indoors as well as outdoors – without constantly monitoring our loved ones. At the same time, the use of cutting-edge technology provides a much longer battery life.

Otiom is designed and made in Denmark, so as to ensure that it meets the quality and functional expectations of European aged care providers and their communities.

Otiom is the considerate solution that offers freedom for caregivers, relatives and people with dementia. At the same time, it ensures that if the person gets lost they will be found and returned quickly and safely, without distress for anyone involved.